About Prxphecy.

Christopher Timothy, known professionally as Prxphecy, is a world-recognized and award-winning poet, hip hop artist, writer, media host, CEO, and activist.

A creative.

"Prxphecy is a true lyricist and an artistic force. Whether taking the stage as a poet, hip hop artist, or musician, his talent is undeniable. Prxphecy is a breath of fresh air that continues to push the culture forward with both his words and actions." - Vinson "aLäZ" Muhammad, rapper and producer

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A young star.

Debuting in mid-2020, Prxphecy has proven to be a capable and upcoming talent, gaining respect from industry leaders such as motivational speaker and poet Lisa Nichols, and America's Got Talent Champion Brandon Leake.

A visionary.

After founding Define Yours in Apr. 2021, Prxphecy has continued to grow the brand into a community, as well as venturing into show hosting, modeling, and fashion designing. He is now attending Howard University.

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